You can say a lot of different things about our neighbours. They are loud, inconsiderate, arrogant and underhanded but dirty is not one of them. The fact that they run the bath at least three times a day can attest to this.

In an area where the students are slowly but surely turning a quiet neighbourhood into “student central” our neighbours have managed to disrupt the peace in our quaint little block.

By now I already know their daily routine well. The first bath runs at six in the morning. Then there is the constant shuffling about. Why can’t Resident A take all his accessories with him to the bathroom? Doesn’t he plan his bath time seeing as it is his single greatest daily delight? The residents will then depart together and Resident B comes home with their car. He probably catches some shut-eye because the next bath will only run at around 11 AM. Another bath might run in the afternoon depending on whether a long lost relative or cousin is in the area.

In spite of the two person limit on the unit there are at least three young men living above us. I am pretty sure I’ve seen one of the regulars, let’s call him Resident C leaving very early in the morning through the pedestrian gate.

This completely excludes the barrage of visitors, drop-ins and guests that come to visit and stay for the night. By early evening it is bath time yet again. If it is a treat day then the bath might run again for a second round. As far as I could count, the record is still six baths in one day. Their electric bill must be sizable.

Our neighbours also enjoy a good sports game and then it is a full house. One can hear the stream of guests pass by our bedroom window, bathroom, kitchen and front door. Almost every part of our residence borders on a passage. Then it is social time in overdrive and the bumping and droning from above confirm that they are having a great time. I am pretty sure they also play with marbles or golf balls because we hear some strange things rolling around. When the drinks are finished the whole party departs to another venue and then we have peace and quiet for a while until they arrive back late at night. Luckily they are too tired to run a bath.

The poor owner must be overrun with complaints since the word on the street is that the unit is now for sale.

I never thought I would become one of those nosy neighbours that peek through the blinds. Think it’s time to get out of the house a bit more. This work-from-home arrangement is getting the best of me. Maybe a nice warm bath will help.

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