Just ran off to gym. Getting there I was starving. Missed lunch at work and wasn’t going to last the gruelling gym session if I didn’t refuel soon enough. As always temptation was just around the corner and the pie shop was a brilliant place to indulge.

As I sat down to a baking hot steak and kidney pastry and an orange juice my regular gym partner shot past in the mall outside. Luckily he didn’t see me there so I tried to swallow and chew at the same time. Sure enough, as I roasted the inner linings of my mouth a promotor from the gym entered and spoke to the shop assistant. She was eagerly bragging about her lack of body fat and how she would join the gym if he (or any) of the gym people could tell her why she could eat anything she wanted and not gain an ounce of fat (read : weight).

Between mouthfuls I glanced over my shoulder to see not the most alluring countenance a woman might present. She was about 5″8′, slender built and I’m sure the exterior features of a person making such claims should have seen better days. Anyhow, as she was rattling off I had to fight the urge to get up and join the conversation. I would have told her that she should be thankful for having a very quick metabolism. And that I too have that blessing of not gaining any weight no matter what I eat. Good genes hopefully.

And as a parting comment I would have added that if she were to quit smoking she would surely gain a greedy couple of pounds as well! That is when I decided to go find my friend in the mall, confess my pie-eating sins and avoid another confrontation in a public place. Some people just like to believe what they believe. Ignorance is bliss.

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