UPDATE: This service has been terminated. You have to use the eNatis online booking system: https://online.natis.gov.za. This service has not been tested or verified.

Some Road Testing Inspectorate centres in Gauteng have introduced an electronic booking system for Drivers Licence renewal bookings.

This allows users to book in advance for their Drivers Licence renewals at the Akasia, Waltloo, Centurion, and Bronkhorstspruit RTI licensing centres.

Johannesburg locations, Langlaagte and Randburg are being added soon.

The service is provided by The Online Company South Africa. You can book on their website here.

The service is free of charge if you collect the licence yourself, however, there is a charge if you want your card delivered to you. According to MyBroadband, the fees for delivery depending on your area.

Fees for delivery are R96.45 within the majority of Gauteng, and R141.41 if you need delivery to Hartbeespoort Dam, Brits, Vereeniging, and Vanderbijlpark. Delivery to Rustenburg is R204.34.

A relative of mine recently used this service to renew her Drivers Licence at the Waltloo RTI and here is her experience of the service.

“Wow, that was painless! I was there in total for half an hour. Could have been shorter, because there was a lady who did not have her things in order (documents/eye test?) who kept on coming back.

There were only six chairs set out in front of the room’s door. I was number 7. Other than that it went really quickly.


When you get to the consultant, you hand them your ID, a copy of your ID and the eye test (which I did for free at Specsavers). You can book the eye test online at SSpecsaversas well.

He types on his computer, asks me to move back so that he could take a picture of me with his camera, then he scans your left thumb print, then the right one, prints out a document and asks you to pay at the cashier!

That’s it, you don’t even have to fill out a form

At the cashier, you hand over your R228 (cash only, no card facilities), photos and ID document. (I paid R300 on the dot, handed over ID and copy of ID for a temp licence).

I have to fetch my new licence in 4 – 7 weeks.”

Thanks for the awesome feedback, Charmaine!


  • Two black and white photos are needed
  • Copy of your ID document
  • R228 for licence renewal, a temporary licence is R72, so R300 in total for both.
  • Only cash is accepted – there are no card facilities
  • Don’t be late for your appointment!


The government has launched its own website to register for bookings in Gauteng. It can be accessed here: https://online.natis.gov.za. We have not tested the service. The Online Company has had its services terminated and the above government service is now the only online booking system.

  • According to users on MyBroadband you sill have to go to the licencing department to book and pay.

NOTE: This is not my service, this is only a review of a service provided by The Online Company SA. I am in no way affiliated to The Online Company SA or NaTIS. For support you can contact them here:


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