As a group of enthusiastic thrill seekers recently we recently gave the Jump City Challenge at uShaka a go.

The event takes the form of an obstacle race with a variety of exercises aimed at testing your fitness and fun-loving limits.

Here is a breakdown of the Jump City Challenge route:

  • Start – across from the Wahooz restaurant outside the uShaka waterpark
  • Beachfront run down towards North beach
  • onto the beach for a long leopard crawl section
  • hop on angled stepping boards
  • crawl through a net underneath the Moyo pier
  • rope pullup to touch pier
  • ladder climb onto pier
  • three sections on beach with cross training
  • up and over wooden obstacles
  • lekker long run on the beach to the Durban Undersea Club
  • out and around the back
  • Stepping
  • Tackle Bag jumping castle
  • low scaffold climbing
  • beam walk
  • more high wooden obstacles to scale over in uShaka parking lot
  • running down the alleys behind uShaka
  • in and through Robsons Real Beer. They have the best beer in Durban by the way! Didn’t stop for a pint though.
  • exit and the back and right into Train gym Studio
  • the usual crossfit fare
  • some more running to the uShaka Wet ‘n Wild
  • Running through the aquarium
  • Wading into the Lazy River
  • 3 slides!
  • massive jumping castle slide
  • out and back to the start / end
  • one of two last obstacles for good measure

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