Social media was rife on Friday with reports of consumers falling prey to rogue debit orders. The companies, in this case, were identified as Egoli Rewards and Mzansi4U.

The company called Egoli Rewards ran a debit order batch for R135.00. Numerous people took to Twitter to complain about the issue. 

Another R99.00 debit order by Mzansi4U left consumers at a loss.


We tried to contact Mzansi4U via the phone number (+27 83 928 4430) listed on their website, but the call went to voicemail. We also sent an email to to test the mailbox. There is no physical address listed on the website.

The products they purport to sell include home emergency assistance, roadside assistance, legal assistance, a funeral plan, HIV counselling and trauma assistance.

The website does not include any Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) registration information. A quick search on the FSCA database also shows no entry for Mzansi4U. The closest match is Mzansi Insurance Brokers who had their licence withdrawn in 2010.

Another issue with the website is that there is no consistency in the company’s name, for instance, in the domain name it is spelt as mzansi4u but in the company logo, it is spelt Msanzi4U.

Update: One of our readers, David managed to reach Mzansi4U and got through to Natasha Chetty. She said she represents Mzansi4U/SA Loyalty. She will not give any other details such as the company address or manager’s names. She can only help if provided with a reference number.

Egoli Rewards

The following SMS notification was posted on Twitter for a R135.00 debit order from Egoli Rewards:

Seemingly more brazen, we could not find any listing or verification that this company even exists.
Their office line is listed as 087 056 3239. A quick lookup in TruCaller had it listed as a scam.

The banks respond

The problem was widespread with FNB having the most debits. The major banks responded to queries on Twitter.




Standard Bank


The banks charge around R5.00 on average to reserve a debit order (Capitec and Nedbank). Absa reversals are free through their online banking. FNB reversals are also free if done via the mobile app. Standard Bank is also free if disrupted within 40 days.

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