Chris goes by the moniker of 24KaratChris on Twitter. He is also a Karatbars affiliate and he runs a very successful YouTube channel called Grit, Grind, Gold. He is also a weekly guest on the CryptTalk Podcast.

We talk about getting into Karatbars, reactions to his YouTube videos and where Karatbars sources their gold. Important questions are asked:

  • Does Karatbars own mines Guinea, Madagascar and Brazil?
  • Does Karatbars have gold stored in Hong Kong or elsewhere?

I also ask Chris why he wants to make people aware of Karatbars and where their business is failing. Some interesting chit-chat around Honduras, music, earthquakes and living with COVID-19 lockdown in the United States.


Grit, Grind, Gold:…


CryptTalk Podcast:…

Nadir (Gold supplier to Karatbars):

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