Speed cameras and traffic officers that enforce speed limits in the Mother City now have to be clearly visible according to a new report.

Speed cameras, often hidden or disguised, should be used to ensure road safety and not be used as a tool to generate income for metros.

The City of Cape Town’s Traffic and Speed Camera Report will be presented before the city at the end of July 2018.

The Cape Argus spoke to mayoral committee member for safety, security and social services, JP Smith.

Although he personally did not agree with the policy the committee decided on the visibility policy.

“We will now be doing operations where it is visible to people. The recording of motorists in traffic vehicles or hidden away is stopped. On the issue of fines, we need to look at the justice system, because the fines we issue don’t help the situation.

“We are getting more people to ensure that fines are paid, but there are repeat-offenders,” said Smith.

The terms of the regulation will determine that:

  • a warning sign should be placed not more than 1 kilometer from the where the camera is stationed, in the same direction as the traffic enforcement.
  • All speed cameras (including mobile camera units) must be visible to motorists.
  • Fixed cameras must be painted yellow in full, with reflective sheeting.

It is a notion held widely that speed camera are not there to enforce road safety.

Hopefully other metros will soon adopt the same policies regarding transparent traffic law enforcement.

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